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Module 1- Introduction, Uniting Driver

Crash facts and teens, HTS-(Highway transportation system)- Talk about the, (highway characteristics}, road surface, obstacles on and off the road, (vehicles), size, design, and what it means to the driver, (the driver), age and attitude. Talk about the state road test. Give mandatory eye exam.

Module 2 – Knowing Where You Are

Signs, signals, and reference points-Drivers Manual pg 34-41. Transparencies. Video – Signs, Signals and Markings Students will have a full understanding about signs, signals, and pavement markings.

Module 3 – You are in control
Module 4 – Searching for LOS and POT
Module 5 – Control the Intersection

Seeing, and communicating- Students will know the difference between Seeing and Looking. The 20 to 30 sec. scanning, using your eyes, SIPDE. AAA slides on Seeing. Video – Save a Second Save a Life. AAA Slides on Communicating, How to communicate, and why it is important to communicate with other drivers on the road.

Module 6- Space management and Deadly D’s

Students will learn about space management, and transparencies. Three point turns, Pull past and back in, Pull in and back out, Parking lot design, and Intersections. Students will also learn about distractions and cell phone, and drowsy driving by learning the signs of drowsy driving, how to prevent what to do if you become a drowsy driver. This module also covers Drugs, Alcohol, and Driving- Students will watch videos, and power point slides on the effects of drugs and alcohol, and how it impairs you’re driving.

Module 7 – Interacting With Others
Module 8 – Practicing Your Skills

Students will learn about the laws of nature-Traction – Friction, Kinetic Energy, Impact, Inertia and Centrifugal Force. Talk on braking, locking up the wheels, and steering. Demo with props. Video – Seat Belts For Dummies or People.

Module 9- Managing Driver Vehicle and Risk
Module 10- Putting It All Together

Emergencies and driving- Slides on Driving Emergencies. Drivers Manual pg 79-90 and 105-119. Video – In Control

Review and Pamphlets
Chapter 13 Review

Students will make safety pamphlets Drivers Manual, Go over all 100 questions in back of book.

Final Exam

Final Exam is 100 questions. After final, we review and hand out all required paperwork to bring to the D.M.V.