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Harry’s Driving School provides a special class for both students and parents to attend to. This class is held the Sunday evening before the first class. You will be notified of the time upon confirmation of the receipt of the students paperwork.

According to state rules, a student must be 15 years, 9 months by the first scheduled day of class, or 16 years of age by the last scheduled day of class. 

The list that follows shows the classes of Harry’s Driving School for the next year, and shows the class start date and the date by which the student must turn sixteen in order to qualify for enrollment in the that class.

Classes are held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. If a class is canceled for any reason it is typically rescheduled for the following Thursday.

Drive times are scheduled on the week days after school on a weekly basis, it’s also based on the season and instructors availability. If you have any questions please contact Alison at 603-591-3566

After school driving has limited space and is filled early.
View our Class Schedules below.

January 6th, 2020- February 19th, 2020

parent night session 1/05/2020

(session time TBD)



March 2nd, 2020- April 15th, 2020

parent night session 3/1/2020

(session time TBD)


May 4th, 2020- June 23rd 2020

parent night session 5/3/2020

(session time TBD)



July 6th, 2020-August 19th 2020

parent night session( time TBD)


waiting list only 


September 7th- October 21st, 2020

Parent night Sept.6 2020 (time tbd)

Seats available 


November 2nd- December 16th 2020

Parent night November 1st 2020 (time TBD)

Seats Available