Some Facts About The Business

The cost of the program is $850.oo which includes a $400.00 non refundable deposit. Harry’s Driving School/ A & J Driving School LLC requires $250.00 due on the first night of class. Weekly increments of $50.00 can be paid for the remainder of the program.

Harry’s Driving School also offers a Driver Improvement Program. The cost of the program is $55.00 and is due the morning of the class. The program is six hours long and will assist in taking three points off of your driving record.

Students may register when they are at least 15  years 9 months old by the first day of the course, or if students turn 16 years of age by the last day of class.

State law requires that all drivers ed students log no less than 40 hours of supervised driving time with a parent, guardian or other responsible adult.

New Hampshire also requires thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction with a certified driver education instructor, ten (10) hours of practice driving with a certified driver education instructor, and six (6) hours of driving observation with a certified driver education instructor.

Students under the age of 18 holding a youth drivers license may not drive between the hours of 1 AM to 4 AM. For the first six months students are only allowed to drive with one other non related passenger under the age of 25. 

The state allows students to miss no more than two (2) classes due to illness at the instructor’s discretion. If a student misses more than two (2) classes the instructor has the right to remove the student from the class.

Students are allowed to practice driving. However, practicing has to be done in the state of New Hampshire with their parents or an adult twenty-five (25) years of age.

Harry’s Driving School only accepts cash and checks as forms of payments. We do not accept credit cards or debit cards.

If a class is full the website will be updated immediately. If you mail us a deposit and enrollment form they will be mailed back to you immediately.